They call her the "Bingo Queen," a title Janice Dugan wears proudly at the Marshfield Senior Center.

She was excited to call out "BINGO" again with her friends, but from outside the Senior Center building Monday during the Bingo on the Parking Lot event.

"I ran the bingo games at the senior center when it was open," said Dugan. "How I’ve missed it so much, but I’m so happy to get to play again. I really get into it when I play bingo."

This is the first trial run for Bingo on the Parking Lot at the Marshfield Senior Center. The event was organized by Annie Grant and Julie Wade, who work at Seasons Hospice in Springfield. They coordinated with Marshfield Senior Center administrator Chris Parker to host the event.

"We know the folks love bingo," said Grant. "This is a time for them to just fellowship and still have entertainment. I was thinking, 'What is a way they can still come to where seniors come on a regular basis, it's part of their home and can play bingo?' That's when Bingo on the Parking Lot happened."

Participants had the option of playing from their cars or sitting (or standing) in the parking lot. There were a variety of items on the prize table, such as tableware, snacks, pens, face masks, hand sanitizer, decorations and other goodies.

"We had a lot of fun with this," said Susan Stone. "My mother and I play bingo at the Marshfield Senior Center, so it was really nice to get to do something like this."

Grant said they plan to grow the event to other locations, as well, including Northview and Monett. She added they will come back to Marshfield Senior Center each month for Bingo on the Parking Lot.

The next Bingo on the Parking Lot event is scheduled for noon Oct. 19 on the Marshfield Senior Center parking lot.

"We invite everyone to come and participate," said Wade. "We just love seeing the smiles on people's faces. That’s what makes doing these activities worth it."

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