After participating in a push-in ceremony on Saturday afternoon, Southern Webster County Fire Protection District Chief David Smith said the event was a fitting way to celebrate the two fire trucks they recently purchased.

"The fire engine we got is not new, but it is new to us," he said. "It's a 2001 fire engine. The one it replaces was a 1998 and we've had it since 2000. That one got moved to Station #3 in Diggins. This fire engine can handle the calls that we do and it can seat six people in it."

The second vehicle is a 1998 fire ladder truck and has 30,000 miles on it, according to Smith. For the last two months, the SWCFP Fire Board discussed the need for the trucks.

"I found this truck dealer in Springfield and told him what we wanted back in the summer," he said. "He came across this one and brought it to us. We decided we would buy it. While we were there, he said he would make us a deal on the fire ladder truck and we took that one, too. So, we got two trucks for 100 grand."

Firefighter Ryan Zymbroy said he was the first one to drive fire engine 21 back to the station when they obtained it.

"I ran the first two calls on it, too," he said. "I just love it and I make sure the team washes it every day. You gotta make it shine."

Firefighter Alicia Laughlin added, "I'm really excited to go up on the ladder truck. We've never had one before, so that will really be great experience for us."

The SWCFP covers 250 square miles of area, including Diggins, Fordland and the southern half of Webster County except for the City of Seymour.

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