Please pray for the Garrett Scott Moulder family and friends.

Scott was laid to rest at  Rader church cemetery on Wednesday afternoon. The LWML meeting at Immanuel Lutheran church will be March 7 at 6 p.m. in the church basement, due to the Super Bowl game. Go Chiefs!

Birthday wishes go out Pastor Wm Metzger, Stephanie Kerber, Dustin Fergesen, Miles Combs, Ashley Harnish, Cooper Keesling, Connie Kays, Jackson Combs, Lessa Strickland, Kourtney Gass, Land Ginnings and Christina Mackey. 

The Seers Youth Group at Immanuel will be hosting a Valentine's Day Dinner on February 14, starting at noon. This is a fundraiser for the National Youth Gathering. This will be dine in or take out. On Sunday, if you want curbside orders to go. Call 417-589-2402 and someone will bring your order out to you. 

Ash Wednesday services begin at many churches on Wednesday evenings starting Feb. 17.  Most will start at 7 p.m. Easter is fast approaching. I hope spring weather is not too far off. Leona Medlock, Dixie Leonard, Bertha Terry and Marjorie Welch went to the Morgan Store on Saturday morning to have brunch with Greg and Shirley Reid. Earlier in the week, Dixie stopped in to visit Leona and found her cutting quilt squares for Bertha to sew into quilt tops for the club.

Please keep Liz Richhart in your prayers this week as she tries to recuperate and Ann Triplett has pneumonia. We are all thankful to have Lewis Rader feeling better and back at church on Sunday. 

February 12 is Chinese New Year and also Abe Lincoln’s birthday. That is just in case you want a reason to celebrate something.

May your week be filled with many blessings. Happy Valentine's Day!

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