The bi-annual Oak Hill School Reunion was held Aug. 3, 2019, at Grillo’s Restaurant with 21 former students and 11 guest present.

Everyone had a great time remembering their days at the one-room school. Every reunion we hear new stories of the good old days at school and in the neighborhood.

Those in attendance were Donna (Replogle) Kinkade, Republic; Lois (Gintz) Marriot and Margaret Seldomridge, Kansas City, Missouri; Betty (Robinson) DeFriese, Hazelwood; Ralph and Della (Robinson) Springfield: Don Biggers, Pleasant Hope: Gene and Lola Belle (Graves) Underwood, Strafford; Mary (Zigelhofer) Griffin, Wichita, Kansas; and Judy (Zigelhofer), Larry and Katie Rost, Jim and Cindy Hamilton, Linda (Hamilton) Bearden, Bill Crawford, Thad and Patsy (Vandall) Layne, Shirley (Biggers) Hargus, Allysen Jameson, Don and Jeanie Replogle, Marguerite Jackson, William and Glynda Linder, Gary and Lois (Brixey) Turner, David Oberbeck, Phillip Ragsdale, and Bob and Patsy (Graves) Lummis, all from Marshfield.

Thanks to everyone who came. The next reunion is planned for Aug. 7, 2021.

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