I came to work one day last week and discovered the Senior Center had been hit with graffiti — of the nicest kind! Thank you to the elves who wrote such nice things on our front windows. We love our community.

Seniors are a high-risk population: They are most likely to suffer complications from the coronavirus. Therefore, the Senior Center will continue to be closed to the public through the end of May. We will continue delivering meals to our in-home clients, and we will also serve those who drive up to the center to pick up a frozen meal to have at home. We are also available by phone to help with any problems you might have, so please call us.

SeniorAge has a Senior Alert program to notify seniors of emergencies and scams that are targeting seniors. If you want to receive these alerts, call us at 859-3555.

Do you have a story to tell about sheltering in place during the coronavirus? We want to hear it! We are collecting memoirs from our seniors about their impressions/thoughts/feelings/struggles and triumphs during this unprecedented time in our history. Send us your stories, because we want to preserve them.

The donations, large and small, continue to pour in for our "Freezer Fund." Thank you, Marshfield! Together we will accomplish our goal. To donate, mail your check to PO Box 305, Marshfield, and put "freezer" in the memo.

We want to thank all of the volunteers who continue to show up day after day to ensure the continuity of our service. We could not do what we do to feed our county's seniors without their help. Last month we delivered 2,886 meals to area seniors.

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