Our next hot meal will be in honor of our veterans.

These meals will only be served weather permitting. If it is snowy or icy, we will NOT serve a hot meal – for your safety and ours! Our suggested contribution is $3.50 per meal for seniors; all others must pay $6.

Our next Parking Lot Bingo will be held Nov. 16 from 12:30-2 p.m, compliments of Season’s Hospice. Join us for a fun time in the parking lot. We have a program that we call "Christmas Elves." Each year we try to provide a basket of goodies for our in-home clients for Christmas. We collect things like small toiletries, sugar free candy, mittens or gloves, socks (especially the non-skid kind), large print crossword and word search books, puzzles – just about anything you can think of!

We have an elf party one day and fill gifts bags and boxes, then send them out with our meal delivery people just in time for Christmas. If you would like to “adopt a senior,” please give me a call and I will gladly explain the program. Or better yet – just go shopping and drop your donations off at the Senior Center – I guarantee I will know what to do with them!

Another thought – buy lunch for a senior! Did you know that just $35.00 will buy 10 lunches for one of our seniors? Seventy dollars will buy lunch, Monday through Friday, for a whole month. How many seniors do you know who would love to get that gift in their stocking?! Once a month, the Senior Center distributes a 35# commodity food box to seniors. If you would like to apply (and meet income guidelines), please call the center at 417-859-3555.

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