For those who signed up for the farmer’s market vouchers, a couple of new vendors in Marshfield have become certified to accept them, so get on down to the Farmer’s Market and shop!

Stress Busters is a class for those who are caregivers of family or friends with Alzheimer’s or dementia. A Stress Busters class will be held at Webco Manor beginning on Oct. 7 1-2:30 p.m. and running for nine weeks. There will be respite care available for your loved one during the sessions. Call the Senior Center today to register.

We have folks who want to start playing some new games at the Senior Center. Are there any bridge, pinochle, mahjong or chess players out there who want to join our fun? Come in and get acquainted, and have some fun at the Senior Center.

We have a young woman who wants to help seniors navigate technology: cell phone apps, email, the World Wide Web or whatever you might need. Call to let us know if you are interested: 859-3555.

The menu for the week of Sept. 4-11 is as follows:

Sept. 4 – Dijon mustard chicken

Sept. 5 – Ham and broccoli over fettuccini

Sept. 6 – Baked pollock

Sept. 9 – Spaghetti and meat sauce

Sept. 10 – Chicken-fried steak

Sept. 11 – Melt-in-your-mouth chicken

All meals include dessert, bread and milk. Substitutions are available for the main dish on most days. Our salad bar is not part of our lunch program; it is provided as a courtesy by our Senior Center Board, and we rely on your donations to make it possible. Please be generous. All meals are subject to change without notice.

We appreciate the members of United Methodist Church, who delivered meals to our in-home clients last week. This week members of Crossroads Evangelical Methodist Church are delivering meals. Next week members of Church of Christ will take a turn.  Thank you to all who take time from your busy schedules to help deliver meals to our in-home clients.

We have volunteer opportunities at the Senior Center: center hospitality, kitchen volunteers, and more. Call or stop by today to learn more about this fun and rewarding opportunity.

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