The Marshfield Rotary Club met Aug. 27. The speaker was club member and superintendent for Marshfield School District, David Steward.

Steward provided club members with an update on school improvements and ongoing plans. A bond issue and levy were passed in 2018. With funds from the bond issue, new HVAC systems were installed at Webster Elementary, the junior high and the high school building. There have also been major roof repairs/replacement at several school buildings. The new roofing is under warranty for 20 years, although they will have to be recoated every seven to 10 years.

The lower parking lot at the high school was replaced this summer. The water issues had been caused from a broken drainpipe under the lot. The drainpipe was replaced and thicker asphalt was laid to fix the problem. The levy allowed for an increase in salaries (other than for administrators) this year.

The theme for Marshfield Schools this year is “#MJaysUnited.” Staff will approve communication with parents and the community with a monthly newsletter, updates after every board meeting and community service announcements on the video board at school events.

Approximately 30 Marshfield HS students will be bussed to OTC for trade classes this year. A technology task force is being established to address how Marshfield Schools can improve use of technology and teacher training on technology. Marshfield is also teaming up with Burrell Health to provide counseling for kids and their families in need of mental health services. A long-range plan is being developed by analyzing demographics, safety, technology and other factors.

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