The Marshfield Rotary Club met Tuesday, July 2. Guests were Roxanne Schreck with The Marshfield Mail and our speaker, Jeff White.

We "sang" for Stan Whitehurst and Chan Crooker’s July birthdays.

Our speaker this week was Jeff White, who gave us an update on how the Carnivor Festival went last month. Jeff presented us with our club’s fundraising proceeds from the event, a check for $1,078. The event had a net profit of over $10,000 after expenses and proceed-splits with vendors.

The event brought something new and different to Marshfield, and attendees had a great time. As a first-time event, lessons were learned about things that will need to be tweaked to make next year’s event even better. The Second Annual Carnivor Festival is planned for June 20, 2020. The planning committee would love some additional members if you have interest.

We discussed plans to work the kitchen Friday of the Webster County Fair. It was noted that a good time was had by all at the Installation Banquet the previous week. Debbie Wiese has begun her year as our club president. Thanks to Chan Crooker for a great year.

July has five Tuesdays. The club is trying to organize a pool party at the new pool facility for our Fifth Tuesday Social. More details will follow.

Put this on your calendar for next year: The Seventh Annual Romance Raffle will be Feb. 8.

Final thoughts: “America is another name for opportunity” — Ralph Waldo Emerson (1802-82).

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