Madilynn Burney is back home and doing exceptionally well, considering everything she has gone through in the last few weeks.

On September 10th, her father, Sergeant Justin Burney, was driving eastbound on I-44 with Madi and her younger brother in the car when a motorist from the westbound lane broke through the median cables and collided with their vehicle. That evening, Sgt. Burney succumbed to the injuries he sustained from the tragic accident.

Madi's little brother, Anderson, suffered minor injuries and was later released from Cox South. Madi, however, was left with critical injuries and transported to St Louis Children's Hospital for treatment and recovery.

Since arriving in St. Louis, Madi has undergone numerous procedures to overcome her once critical injuries.

Madi suffered a bleed between her brain and skull, a cervical spine injury and multiple fractures, all requiring surgery to stabilize her cervical spine and the need to wear a halo brace for three months to assist with recovery. Her clavicle will heal on its own as will her ribs. She also had surgery to repair her hip.

Office Burney's young daughter was on a ventilator throughout the duration of these procedures to help her lungs heal before requiring them to fully support her body.

She had her final surgery on Sept. 21 and on the 22nd, Madi was extubated and breathing on her own. The next day, she moved out of the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit(PICU).

On Oct. 2, Madi was discharged and back home in Marshfield. She is now able to get up and walk, sometimes multiple times a day. Madi's mother, Shayna Matney, believes she's doing exceptionally well, "She goes to a therapy gym and plays and learns how to get down on the floor and back up, how to go up a flight of stairs and back down."

Since the accident and throughout Madi's recovery, Shayna has had to take significant time off to help her daughter through her healing process both physically and emotionally.

"I won't be able to go back to work immediately when we get home because she will still require some extensive care," Shayna said.

"The community has been amazing, supporting us through the fundraisers that have been set up. If people don't have the means to financially support us, they can always support us in prayer.

Donations for the Burney and Matney families can be made at the Seymour Bank and Central Bank.

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