About 900 people attended this year's 14th annual Outdoor Sportsman Event Aug. 29 at Camp Arrowhead in Marshfield.

The event brought families from all over Webster County, who had an opportunity to shoot their bows at 36 3-D targets set up around the camp site.

"We started setting up for the event on Friday," said Danny Vestal of Henderson Baptist Church in Rogersville. "We set up for a few hours Friday evening, and people started coming Saturday. We've been at the Outdoor Sportsman Event since the second-annual event."

This year looked much different from last year’s event, including no charge for families to use the archery ranges, according to Kristie Page, one of the volunteers.

"All of the range stuff was free this year," said Page. "We also had more churches participate this year. We didn't offer as much as we did in past events, though, but we were happy to help in whatever way we could.”

The event included entertainment, food, hourly door prizes, kids' activities and Bibles. Over $10,000 in prizes was awarded to attendees. The first grand prizes were a $500 gift card and a kayak. There was a special message given to the families in attendance during the event.

"We were so happy to be able to have the event," said Cheryl Parrish, a volunteer. "Not only that, but to have so many stay through the service to hear the message. People were so nice all day, and no major incidents."

The Outdoor Sportsman Event is organized by the Webster County Baptist Association, a cooperative ministry of 25 Southern Baptist Churches in Webster County.

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