Evelyn Hampton Garden Club

The charter members of the Evelyn Hampton Garden Club met on October 14, at the Elkland Independent Methodist Church. Those pictured in the front row, Nicholas Inman (Chaplain), Missy Crank (Vice President), Evelyn Hampton (Honorary Chairwoman and Garden Club namesake), Joyce Inman and Wanda Swenson. Back row, from left, Blanche Firestone (President), Pat Russell, Laurie Ford (Secretary) and Carolyn Moye (Treasurer). Not pictured: Sherry Zwally, Barbara Diehl, Reagan Inman and Bobby G. Inman. The club is the newly formed garden club of the Elkland and Marshfield communities and is open to both men and women for membership.

The members of the newly formed Evelyn Hampton Garden Club met on Wednesday, October 14, at 2 p.m. in the fellowship hall of the Elkland Independent Methodist Church. Club President, Blanche Firestone called the meeting to order and asked Chaplain, Nicholas Inman to open the meeting in prayer. Following the prayer, everyone repeated the pledge of allegiance to the flag. Refreshments were provided this month by Pat Russell and Missy Crank.

Secretary Laurie Ford read the minutes from the first meeting of the club, which was in September. She also graciously provided the door prize, which was two purple daylilies. They were won by Pat Russell and Carolyn Moye. President Firestone asked her to read the minutes and they were approved. Treasurer Carolyn Moye presented the treasurer’s report. She reminded everyone that their yearly dues of $10 per member are currently being collected. Those who officially joined by the end of the meeting would be considered charter members of the club. Following the approval of her report, we all moved to the sanctuary, where we took our official charter member picture for the club’s history. Those not present for the picture were Sherry Zwally, Barbara Diehl, Bobby G. Inman and Reagan Inman. Steven Dobrick took the picture as he was volunteering at the 4 County Thrift Store and Food Pantry, which is next door to the church.

For the program, Missy Crank gave a short presentation on fall planting. We voted to contact the city of Marshfield and try to adopt the WWI flower bed, which is behind city hall. It was dedicated many years ago during the annual Cherry Blossom Festival. We also voted to adopt the flower beds at the Elkland Independent Methodist Church since they have been so gracious to allow us to meet there. We plan to meet in Elkland some months and in Marshfield the remaining months.

We discussed the refreshment and program calendar for the rest of the year and the beginning of spring. Laurie Ford and I will be providing the refreshments for the November meeting.

Following the business meeting, everyone went outside to plant 13 daylilies in the church flower bed. The church has always planted a daylily in memory of each member of the church who has passed away. We weeded the lilies that were already there and then planted the new ones. They will be so nice, when they come up next year and bloom. It was a great time of fellowship for everyone!

Our next meeting will be on Wednesday, Nov. 11,  2 p.m., at the Elkland Independent Methodist Church. Our Garden Club has been formed for the Elkland and Marshfield community. We are not a federated club and membership is open for men and women.

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