Grab a ruler and start measuring, Marshfield.

The submission period is open for the largest tree competition in Marshfield, organized by the Marshfield Tree City Advisory Committee. Nominators can look for trees within city limits and send their submissions into the contest.

"This is going to be a lot of fun and a great competition," said Lisa Jameson, a member of the Marshfield Tree City Advisory Committee. "Not only do you get bragging rights for the biggest tree in Marshfield, but you’re able to get outside and connect with nature. Also, finding the biggest tree will be a way to mark history since trees have been known to be 'witness trees,' because they have been around throughout different wars and events. That's pretty cool."

All trees can be entered into the competition, regardless of species, but they must be on private property inside city limits of Marshfield.

"Trees in the city parks won't be accepted," said Jameson. "They have to be on private property. I'm going to get permission from my neighbor to use their tree as a submission into the contest."

Nominators must utilize the measuring rules of the Missouri Champion Tree Program (see the guidelines on pamphlet by the Missouri Department of Conservation at

"People will need to know the diameter of the tree by measuring around it," said Jameson. "They need to measure the height of it and also how far the ends go out."

Jameson said once all submissions are collected, the Marshfield Tree City Advisory Committee will choose the five largest trees that were submitted.

"We will go out to the site to verify the five largest trees that we chose and make sure the measurements are correct," said Jameson. "Also, it doesn't matter if it's five of the same species or one different species and three others. All trees are eligible as long as they’re in city limits and on private property."

The winner will be announced during the Marshfield Tree City Advisory Committee’s Arbor Day celebration in April.

"I'm curious to find out which one is the biggest tree," said Jameson. "I also hope people will appreciate the history of trees and enjoy nature. Honestly, I don’t know how many trees we have in Marshfield, so this will be a good way to find out."

Nominators will fill out the appropriate fields on the form in the MDC Champion Tree pamphlet  and

submit them to the City Parks office email at or mail to Parks at 798 S. Marshall

St. Marshfield, MO 65706 by end of business on March 31, 2021.

All mailed nominations must be postmarked by March 29, 2021.

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