Summer-like weather is still hanging on here at the first of October, and fall shows a few signs of change. There is plenty of flooding and storms up northwest of us. What do you all think of the icebergs melting up in the Artic area or just below it?

Phillipsburg had a good weather day for their fall festival Saturday.

Retired Teachers met last Friday at Bandana’s in Lebanon. Those present were Betty and Hershel Nichols, Larry and Pat Cunningham, Rex and Bonnie Luallin and Stan and Peggy Luallin.

Get-well wishes go out to Wayne Perryman, who had misfortune with a cow and ended up with broken neck and back vertebrae. He’ll be in a brace and out of commission for a while.

Sympathy thoughts go to Wynn and Jack Harris of Grovespring on the passing of his mom, Florence Harris, who was 96 years young. She taught second grade here at Conway for many years. I was her aide for a year or two. She was liked by all. Her daughter-in-law Wynn also taught here. All her children, JoAnn, Susie and Jack, graduated from Conway.

Dave Perryman and the Country Revue played at the Star Theatre in Willow Springs last Saturday night. The reception was well received, and they plan a trip back there, maybe in November, if their schedule permits.

The next dance for the Country Revue will be this Saturday at the Hughes Center in Lebanon. Oct. 18 will be a benefit for L-Life Food Pantry, and with a non-perishable food item, the ticket for the show and dance will only be $5. The benefit is intended to try to help the food pantry build their supplies for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Special guest is (comedian) Wee Willy Shagnasty from Black Diamond Opry in Macon, Missouri.

Blessings to all until next week.

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