The 56th annual Underwood-Anderson Reunion was held Sept. 1 at Conway City Park. Paul Junior Underwood provided the blessing. Marcus Harper, Jr., was emcee for the event.

Certificates were given to Paul Junior Underwood as the one traveling the longest distance; Harvey Underwood for having the most direct Underwood descendants present; Charles Anderson for have the most Anderson descendants present; Ellenger (Underwood) Adams as the oldest Underwood; Charles Anderson as the older Anderson present; the three-month-old grand baby of Kim Underwood as the youngest present; and Ben and Ellenger Adams for being married the most years.

Following lunch, drawings, awards and announcements, a memorial was held for Patience Underwood, the daughter of Ernest and Lois Underwood. Paul Junior conducted the service, at which many memories of Patience were shared by cousins and friends. Her mother read a poem she had written about her daughter. Paul Junior continued with scriptural verses and then closed with a prayer.

Among those present were the following: From Missouri, Eula Mae Privett and family, Marcus Harper, Jr., Harvey Underwood, Dale and Linda Underwood, Joshua Hunt, Joseph and Vickie Underwood, Heather Kelderman and Keauna, Jakob and Raven, Kendra and Nikita Johnson and Jonathan, all from Seymour; Tommy and Addie Underwood and Haley and Lea, Ernest and Lois Underwood, Lyle and Pamm Underwood, Lynn and Terri Underwood, Amelia Pryor and Brayden and Jordan, all from Marshfield; Kim Underwood, Adrian Fulton, Violet Fulton, Lucus Underwood and Lance Underwood, all from Conway; Charissa and Stephen North from Morrisville; Edith and Nicklos Armstrong from Stotts City; Marie Whisnant from Cleer; Mable Keysser from Highlandville; Florence (Little) Rantz from Spokane; Tommy Little from Ponce de Leon; Kim and Pam Underwood from Eureka; and Steven and Kathy Underwood from Washington.

From Arkansas, those present were Kenneth Adams, Ben and Ellenger Adams, Charles and Rose Anderson and Missy Williams and Joshua from Omaha.

From Alabama was Basil Bercheskas from Huntsville.

From Oklahoma were Paul Junior and Edith Underwood, James and Tina Stubblefield and Deacon, Ocean, Aqua and Jacob from Healdton, and Don, Charles and Cecil Anderson from Depew.

From Iowa were Bill and Mar Anderson.

The 57th reunion is planned for Sept. 6, 2020, at the Conway Park.

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