An unforgettable romance of humor and horror awaits audiences during Marshfield High School's fall production of "Zombie Prom," on Nov. 21-23.

Set at Enrico Fermi High School in the 1950s, the story follows a pair of star-crossed teenagers, Jonny, a rebel who spells his name without the traditional "H" and Toffee, a good-girl who plays by the rules. The couple fall in love, much to the disapproval of Principal Strict and Toffee's parents. Their relationship, however, takes a hilarious and unusual turn after Jonny (who supposedly falls into the Francis Gary Powers nuclear power plant) comes back from the dead. It's a struggle of forbidden love as Jonny and Toffee decide if they can be together or run the risk of losing everything, including their senior prom.

"This production is hilarious," said Kevin King, director of this year's MHS fall musical. "It's got that 1950s cartoon comic vibe to it, but a simple story and funny dialogue."

King said he saw this show close to 15 years ago and thought he was going to do it at some point. His plan was to bring the production to Marshfield High School a few years ago, but another zombie-related production conflicted with this.

"During the spring before I was going to do it that fall, Greg Holtschneider (who also directs the plays), chose "Attack of the Pom Pom Zombies." I was like, 'Are you kidding me? I was going to do this other production next fall,' but he was like, 'Sorry.' I had to sit on this one for a while until this year. I thought with the group I have now, could we really do it? Mr. H was like, 'Yeah, sure. Why not?'"

There are 54 students total involved in the performance, including cast, crew and pit orchestra. According to King, he already had his mind made up about the fall production since May, but selecting the cast took much longer.

"This show is the most challenging I've ever had to cast," said King. "We finished auditions, but we weren't sure what exactly we were going to do. I had three different cast lists and I couldn't decide. Whenever we left after auditions, we pretty much settled on what we have now, but I wasn't 100% yet. I know we emailed the next day, just to be sure we were in agreement, which we were. We settled with our guts and once we went into rehearsals, we knew we had done the right thing."

When asked why people should watch the show, King said it's something everyone can enjoy and there's no guessing games with the plot. Not only that, but if audiences come dressed up as a zombie, they can get into the show free.

"This is something new and fun that we wanted to do," said King. "Be it kids or adults. You come dressed as a zombie with makeup and you get to see the show at no charge. That's for all three nights."

Doors open at 6:30 p.m., with the production to begin 7 p.m. at the Carl and Glessie Young Community Auditorium in Marshfield High School. Tickets can be purchased at the box office or by phone.

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