What a day Sunday was! First, a torrent of rain tempted us to just curl up with a good book, but church bells beckoned and we gathered to fellowship and to praise God with friends and neighbors.

First, thank you to all who joined us for food and fun at Summerfest Saturday. We sincerely hope everyone enjoyed themselves and will come again.

We had another baptism Sunday morning. This was very special to me, for Ellie Marie Moore is our four-month-old great-great-granddaughter!  

We also honored our Pastor and Sally Knapp for 10 years of friendship and service to our church family. They are a blessing!

It is comforting to know that the word became flesh and dwells among us. Did you know that the Bible speaks of three kinds of word? They are the written word, Jesus Christ and spoken Word. God has made promises to us in the written word, and he keeps his promises. Just as Jesus sent out the disciples, so he sends us out daily.

We learn in the Bible of a time Jesus was weary and went into gentile territory to rest. A man, naked, wild-eyed and possessed by demons, was there. Jesus drove the demons into a herd of swine that went into the sea. The man, clothed and calm, later sat at Jesus’ feet wanting to go with Jesus, but Jesus told him that he should witness there.

Let us joyfully serve God, remembering God will give us words to witness whenever needed.  Have a blessed week, and let’s keep that friendly smile on our faces and love in our hearts!

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