Independence Day is a time to remember our freedom and thank God. We stand united in thanking all military men and women who served to give us this precious gift of freedom. In honor we give thanks to our forefathers for seeing the importance of making America a godly place to live.

Songs of appreciation of the American and Christian Flag were presented Sunday, along with the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag. It is an uplifting feeling knowing we can stand proudly for our nation. Pastor Winston reminded us about the tomb of King Tut and how the gold turned dusty. We live in a dusty world because of the evil one breathing down on us daily. Cleanse yourself with the words of God, giving you wisdom, strength and courage and keeping your relationship replenished.

Winston’s theme came from Lamentations 3:40, regarding lifting our eyes upon God in praise and worship for all needs. It’s vital that our nation’s leaders bring God back in their decisions to make our nation strong. We the people should join together to help. Time is being wasted, and the world is changing quickly; don’t let your privilege of your victory walk with Jesus be useless. Share the holy words of God to others, allowing them to choose heaven or hell. The time of salvation is now.

July 7 at 6 p.m., we invite you to come hear the Redeemed Trio for an exciting concert. God bless.

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