Sunday’s services began under a beautiful, sunny sky. After singing “Blessed Assurance,” Josephine Rost led in prayer. Some of those mentioned on the prayer list included Richard Cook, Michelle Yeager, Nancy McGehee, Gloria Cologna, Patsy Lummis, Matt Clift, Dwaine Becker, church camp and the family of Kevin Keeler. Eugene Underwood led the call to worship with quotes about Abraham Lincoln and a reading from Hebrews. Clint Young led the adults in their study.

For worship services, a special song was sung by Josh Becker and Diane Davenport, and Josephine Rost had a reading about the American flag. Bill and Verna Mae Crawford announced they have a new great-grandson, Jackson Joe Crawford. Gary McFarland had the communion message from Matthew 28, “There they shall see me.” Pastor Davenport titled his message “God Blesses America.”

For evening services, specials were by Elijah Davenport singing two songs with the help of his mother, Emily; also, Gary and Diane Davenport sang “He is Coming Again.” The song preceded Gary’s message on the book of Revelation, summing up his message on how Jesus is coming soon, taken from Revelation 22:7.

Because of the July 4 holiday and family gatherings, there will be no Wednesday evening Bible study.

Thought for the week: “Remember that ‘American’ ends with I can.” Have a blessed week.

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