This week, Sunday school opened with participants singing “Revive Us Again.” Brother Jeremy Everett led in the responsive reading. Sister Shirley Hargus and Brother John LaCompte gave prayers during the Sunday school hour. Brother Jerry Rader taught that lesson, titled “Back to the Work,” from Ezra 5:1 through 6:15.

Church opened with singing “I Shall Not Be Moved,” and Brother Bill gave the prayer requests for the June Day family, the Kevin Keeler family, the Sharon Henson family, Shannon Deckard, Dana Robertson, Chet Turner, the recently saved, Anna Price, Dutch Dudley, Robert Clement, Tim Lampert, Larry Shepherd, Jessica Petty, Michelle Yager, Bud Tower and Peggy Cantrell. He also offered praise to God for Nicole Gilmore’s birth of Zane Christian and Beverly Harmon’s return back from illness. Brother Bobby Atkison prayed for all the needs and blessings. A welcoming handshake was held, and we were glad to see many visitors for the first time.

Announcement: Sunday at 6 p.m. will be an ice cream social and singing at the pavilion; all are welcome.

Specials were by Lola Day and her girls, Cheryl Fields and Linda Cox, Martha Myers, Herald Dill and group with Jeremy Everett, Clint Callaway, Jerry Rader and Brother Bill. The message was from Psalm 119 with various verses. Brother Jeremy dismissed in prayer.

Sunday night was our vacation Bible school program, with many kids showing what they made and learned, and they also sang and answered questions. Afterwards at the pavilion, snow cones were made for all the kids. We are so proud of all their hard work, and of the volunteers and the eight kids saved this week; all glory to God, who supplies our needs. It was the first time we had six classes and meals each night.

Have a blessed week.

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