When Jordan Carroll first started her position in March as administrator at Webco Manor, her goal was to be more involved in the community.

That goal remains the same, but Carroll and the rest of the staff have taken the steps toward improvement at Webco Manor to benefit residents, families and employees. One of those improvements is the increase in staffing.

“We have three full-time people in our activities department now,” said Carroll. “By having three full-time people, that really allows us to spend more one-on-one time with the residents and do more things with them.”

As administrator, Carroll said her focus for the facility is bringing it back to the basics, which she describes as teaching employees how to take care of the residents. According to Carroll, they recently started Webco University, a training course where nurse aides are trained in the basic foundations of care, such as insulin administration, monitoring blood sugars and skin assessments. The day-long course is required for all of the nursing staff.

“This serves as a refresher course for our staff,” said Carroll. “We have been putting the employees through this training course and competency training to fine-tune their skills. We are doing a lot of refresher courses to remind them of the basics.”

Webco Manor recently started offering certified medical technician (CMT) courses for certified nursing aides, which allows them to further their education and gain hands-on experience.

“This course gives our CNAs an opportunity to further their careers a little bit by giving them extra certification to now be able to pass medication as well, too,” said Carroll. “We are actually graduating our first class of CMTs in December. We will have three who have graduated.”

With the courses and training, Carroll said employees are able to develop their skills and learn how to work with the residents to meet their needs. One of those needs is activities, and many residents at Webco have shown an interest in creative projects, which is something Tina Ballard, activities director of Webco Manor, noticed.

“The residents enjoy painting, making crafts and drawing,” said Ballard. “We are implementing more artistic activities here. During the school year, students from Marshfield R-I Schools will partner with us and bring their paintings, which are put on display in the facility.”

She added that they offer other activities as well, such as bowling and Family Feud trivia. The community is also getting involved. Marshfield Fitness recently agreed to sponsor every resident and staff member in Webco Manor.

“I’m very happy about that,” said Ballard. “They have an Angel Tree going on and I’ve been working for weeks with them. They have been collecting items for the activity department, such as paper, glue, colored pencils, puzzles and word search books. They are also collecting items for the bath box, which will have body lotions, shampoos and other things for our bath aides to use.” 

About 78 residents currently live there, with 100 employees, including nurses, housekeeping staff, dietary staff, office staff and maintenance staff. Jennifer Burks, a resident of Webco who also serves as president of the Resident Council, has noticed several positive changes at the facility since Carroll took over as administrator.

“We have definitely seen improvement in the morale of employees,” said Burks. “I think residents have been more satisfied, and we have had more help. We are also seeing improvement in the quality of food.”

Outside of Webco Manor, you will notice the visiting hours sign is no longer there. That’s because Carroll wants to encourage community members to come in and see their loved ones anytime. Her hope is to create an environment where residents and community members feel welcome.

“We want this place to feel like a home,” said Carroll. “We want it to be somewhere that residents and their families feel safe and at home. We aren’t perfect and we’re still making improvements, but we want to be able to serve them the best that we can and try to meet those needs.”

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