The Marshfield Senior Center reached their $1,000 goal to receive a dollar-for-dollar matching grant from the Ozarks Food Harvest on Wednesday, Nov. 29, after the Central Bank of the Ozarks in Marshfield gave a $1,000 donation to the center. Those present were (from left) Danny O’Neal, Marshfield Senior Center administrator Chris Parker, Lacey Mullican, Joni Clift, Missy Montgomery, Mary Bransfield and Central Bank of the Ozarks president Jamie Clark.

Thanks to a generous donation from the Central Bank of the Ozarks in Marshfield, the Marshfield Senior Center was able to meet its goal to raise $1,000 in order to receive a dollar-for-dollar matching grant from Ozarks Food Harvest, the regional food bank for southwest Missouri.

With the funds, the Marshfield Senior Center will provide food for senior residents in need in Webster County.

“The Ozarks Food Harvest received money through the Walmart Foundation to buy meals for the seniors,” said Chris Parker, administrator of the Marshfield Senior Center. “We put in for a grant and received $1,000 matching grant, which the Central Bank of the Ozarks was kind enough to match for us, so that gives us $2,000 in the next year to spend on food for our seniors.”

According to Jamie Clark, Central Bank of the Ozarks community bank president, the bank had the idea to help the Marshfield Senior Center after recently serving there.

“We asked them if there was anything we could help them with,” said Clark. “Chris Parker told us about that initiative, and we said we would be glad to help with that.”

The Marshfield Senior Center is a member of Ozarks Food Harvest. This is the ninth annual gift from the Walmart Foundation’s State Giving Program that Ozarks Food Harvest has offered to its agencies as the Walmart Hunger Challenge matching grant opportunity.

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