Marshfield residents Greg and Vickie Hollingsworth have established a true family enterprise with the AcuPoint Health Clinic in Springfield, and coming this spring, they will bring the clinic even closer to home.

The couple, who began their acupuncture and herbal treatment business back in 2006, are preparing to make the move to a new location on Marshfield’s Jefferson Street in March. According to Greg, the acupuncturist and herbalist in residence, the reduced commute is just one benefit of a decision that has become increasingly necessary. “We’ve outgrown our current facility,” he said.

In 2014, the Hollingsworths took on their youngest son David to take care of the business end of things, and he has become an instrumental part of their work. “I’m the money guy,” David said. “I don’t know anything about medicine or herbs, but I balance the budget and make sure everything works correctly.”

The junior Hollingsworth laid out the ways in which the family’s business has recently expanded. “Herb Momentum is the manufacturing company we’re making,” he said, referring to the family’s latest venture of importing and formulating Chinese herbs for national distribution. “Dad designs the the formulas that we put together and distribute.”

Though Herb Momentum is a separate business, both Hollingsworths make it clear that herbal treatment is a key component of AcuPoint’s practices, which are based on the notion that the human body is largely capable of healing itself if properly nourished.

“Acupuncture serves to redirect the energy of the body to where it needs to go to heal,” Greg explained. “If the body becomes ill because of malnourishment, its energy is completely set off, and it’s trying to fix itself but it cannot, so Chinese herbs direct, nutritionally, the body to get back into alignment, and then acupuncture serves to realign the energy so that everything heals perfectly.”

This two-pronged approach to recovery has evidently drawn people from all around the country to the AcuPoint Clinic. “I specialize in the cases that everybody has forgotten: the hopeless cases, the diseases that Western medicine cannot resolve. That’s why I draw patients from every state in the U.S.,” said Greg.

But not all of their business comes from outside the area. In fact, according to David, the largest portion of AcuPoint’s clients are from right here in Marshfield. “Most of our advertising has been word of mouth, and being that we live over there, a lot of business has stemmed just from people from my parents’ church who have gotten better and then talked to their friends and recommended us, so 30 to 40 percent of our patients live in Marshfield already,” he said.

With that in mind, it seems as though the move to Marshfield will not only cut down on the Hollingsworths’ commute, but that of many of AcuPoint’s patients’ as well.

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