Physician assistant Brian Nguyen brings a lot to CoxHealth Center Marshfield. A recent addition to the clinic, Nguyen has increased the center’s ease of access for patients, and helps keep them close to home for care. Those things – expanding access to health care and making a difference for people – are reasons he became a medical professional.

“I really wanted to care for people,” says Nguyen. “It’s wonderful to have a relationship with your patients, and take care of all of their needs.”

Nguyen is a native of Springfield, and graduated from Missouri State University with both his bachelor’s and physician assistant degrees. His education and graduation represent a variety of firsts in his family: A first-generation United States citizen, Nguyen is also one of the first in his family to graduate from college.

Before he was born, Nguyen’s parents moved to the United States from Vietnam in hopes of creating a better life for their family. In a unique coincidence, he was actually born at Cox South.

Eventually, he decided that a career in medicine was what he wanted to pursue. Although he was accepted to a variety of training programs, he decided to stay in southwest Missouri.

As a physician assistant, Nguyen is able to treat a wide variety of patients’ health concerns. The profession allows him to examine and treat patients for many different issues.

“I was trained to do a little of everything,” says Nguyen. “I love when I can help patients achieve their health goals. I want to help patients be as healthy as they can for as long as they can.”

Patients who wish to make an appointment with Nguyen may call CoxHealth Center Marshfield at 417-269-1940.

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