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Wilson sentenced to probation


On September 25, 2021 Pastor Mark Griffith of Destiny Church made a report to the Missouri State Highway Patrol Troop D Trooper M. Cary, stating that a member of his church had confided in him that they had been assaulted by one of the church staff, Duell Wilson.

Pastor Griffith stated that the church member had shared with him that Duell Wilson had gone to the victims home to return a casserole dish and then forced himself into the home and after wandering around the home began to tickle the victim. Pastor Griffith said that in a church meeting Duell Wilson agreed to the statements made about him.

Trooper Cary conducted an interview with the victim who recounted the incident stating that Wilson had attempted to contact them multiple times on September 23, 2021 and due to his persistence they eventually answered. He requested to return a dish to them, to which they denied, however stated he was persistent so they agreed.

According to the probable cause statement, the victim states that Wilson arrived at the house and when they took the dish and turn to set it down he came into the home. The victim stated he went into the home office where he sat down at the computer.

In an attempt to protect their privacy the victim stated they “leaned over Mr. Wilson to close (the) computer” and that is when he began to tickle them. The victim stated they told him to stop and he continued. They stated they asked him to stop multiple times to which he refused and that in the process he touched the victims intimate areas and also pinned them to the ground. After approximately 15 minutes the victim stated she was able to break free and ran to their car.

When Trooper Cary requested an interview with Wilson, he agreed. After being read his Miranda Rights Wilson stated he would like to give his side of the story to which he stated he went to the victims house to return the dish where he took it inside and was given a tour. He said in the office he offered to show them how to make computer files and when the victim leaned over him he tickled them. 

Wilson was sentenced on December 15, 2022 in the Webster County Circuit court by Judge James Andrew Hackett receiving two years supervised probation for Harassment- 1st Degree. Special prosecuting attorney on the case was Ken Ashlock from Polk County. 


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