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The Big Apple in Hubble


This year Hubble Elementary school held its 2nd annual Macy's Thanksgiving Parade. Here to recap the event is Mrs. Heather Summers, Art teacher for Hubble Elementary.

“Each year, I teach a unit about New York City and the American artist James Rizzi. His art is fun, playful, and childlike, with brightly colored cityscapes and funny faces. Our lesson also includes the history of New York City architecture and the statue of liberty.

This year students were shown a paper with different cartoon characters. They were instructed to freehand a “balloon” figure (strings included) on their paper. With only a few pointers and/or suggestions, they combined their balloon characters with drawings of buildings to create a Rizzi city backdrop along with a Macy’s day parade of balloons. I am so proud of their hard work. They have SO MUCH artistic talent.

Last year Hubble hosted its first annual Macy’s Day parade of balloons. We had approximately 15 large mylar balloons in the main hallway for the kids to walk through. For our 2nd annual parade, some of our parents and families donated to double our number of mylar balloons. Thank you to all that helped make this event possible.

I also want to thank my art assistant, Bethany Loe, for all her help with students and for volunteering her time to help me set up the parade and prep for our Spring Art Show. Thank you to the Marshfield Mail for coming out to help us celebrate this event.”


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