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Taking the Oath


Last Friday, Dec 30, the Webster county courthouse was packed, but it was not for the trial of the century. Instead, it was actually a day of celebration.

Kicking off the day of celebrations was a swearing-in ceremony for Webster county officials. Webster County Sheriff Roye Cole welcomed the crowd with a few words about the importance of the swearing-in ceremony. Austin Graybill, Assessor for Webster County, then introduced the honoree officials.

The honorees were as follows:

Stacy Atkison - Recorder of Deeds

Benjamin J. Berkstresser - Prosecuting Attorney

Justin M. Evans - Associate Circuit Judge

Todd Hungerford - Treasurer

Paul Ipock - Presiding Commissioner

Chuck Replogle - Associate Circuit Judge

Stephanie Vestal - Circuit Clerk

Stanley D. Whitehurst - County Clerk

After the officials were sworn in, Danielle Boggs, Public Administrator, gave a speech that included some encouragement and advice. These words reminded citizens, and officials that the duties performed were public service, not perfect service. Everyone is human, and these officials make the best decisions based on what information they have available to them.

The last part of the ceremony included recognition for their years of public service presented by Presiding Commissioner Paul Ipock. The recipients of the awards include the following:

Randy Owens - Five years of service

Jerry Austin - Five years of service

Andrew Muncy - Five years of service

Aaron Cantrell - Five years of service

Jerry Edwards - Five years of service

Dale Fraker - Five years of service

Austin Graybill - Five years of service

Casey Jones - Five years of service

Kevin McCown - Five years of service

Benda Welch - 15 years of service

Scott Miller - 15 years of service

Dorisel Bennett - 20 years of service

"It's a bit cliché, but it is an honor to be part of this," tells Judge Justin Evans after being one of the officials sworn into office.

All the officials started their new terms on Jan 1 of this year, 2023. As the new year begins, it brings new opportunities and challenges. Still, these officials will do their very best for Webster County.


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