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Spring forward? I'll pass.


This past weekend almost everyone in the U.S. did the tradition of setting our clocks forward one hour. What I need help understanding is why we are still doing this. From what people who are way smarter than I have found, there is no benefit from everyone moving their clocks back and forth an hour. Before anyone sends me an email or finds me and says it for the farmers, I encourage you to ask a farmer and see if it benefits them. Please look into the concept of daylight savings, you will be surprised as to what the original intent was for, and farmers were not it.

From my personal experience, my great-grandfather was a milk farmer who got up at dawn with no clock telling him when to get up. In various interviews, many farmers benefit less from this hour change. To the average person, that Sunday, you find yourself tired and sluggish and struggling to make your body work and adjust to the new sleep schedule. It's even worse when you have to work that Sunday. You don't get time to adapt and are forced to get into a vehicle and go to work where let us be honest. You are not giving the day your best since it is still in bed, wondering where you went.

There is talk that the government will end this time jumping madness, and I'm excited about it. But, I will give the benefit of the doubt and say it's just me. Perhaps I'm the only one who wants to go to bed and get some sleep without having to wake up the following day changing the clocks on all my appliances.

What are your thoughts? Should we get rid of falling back and spring forward? Or should we keep things the same and move on? Feel free to let your voice be heard. Who knows, maybe, with your permission, we will share it in next week's paper.


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