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Skatepark one step closer to fundraising


A few months back the Marshfield Mail reported on the Marshfield Action Sports Syndicates (also known as MASS) meeting with the Marshfield Parks and Recreation department. 

The MASS organization is focused on bringing a skatepark to the Marshfield area. The organization has a large group of supporters. During the meeting MASS presented their goal to help bring a skatepark to the Marshfield Area. 

Under advisement from the Park Board, MASS reached out to the Foundation for an Active Community in Marshfield (also known as FACM) for assistance with their goal. FACM is best known for their grassroots start and eventual success of helping see the Dr. Tommy McDonald Aquatic Center be built in Marshfield. 

MASS, not yet a 501c3, needed assistance in fundraising as well as help holding their money. By partnering with FACM, MASS is able to be included under their 501c3 umbrella. 

“We are very excited to partner with FACM,” shared Kris Hurt secretary of MASS. “They have a wealth of experience working on capital improvement projects, specifically in Parks.”

“Kris and Davalin came to one of our meetings and we threw around some ideas of how we might be able to help,” shared Ann Rest, board member of FACM. “We shared some of the experiences we had had when raising when working on the pool and activity complex…we gave them some ideas on how we did that and we are happy to get back in the game and raise money again too.” 

“We already have the 501c3…we are happy to share that…it saves them the time and hassle of applying for another one….We talked about the best way to do book keeping,” explained Rost. “Someone from the MASS group will probably become part of our leadership (at FACM) and we will probably have two treasures to have double accounting.” 

As excited as both groups are to get started, Rost explained that with all fundraising plans sometimes things don’t work out. “They will have to decide…you hope that you are going to raise enough funds, but you don’t know…you have to have a plan of what are you going to do if not,” explained Rost. “They will need a secondary plan with FACM…there are just things that legally have to be put in place…we are just working through all that. But by spring for sure we will be ready to start looking at some fundraising.”

“If we want to get a one of a kind custom designed park we could be looking at up to a ten thousand dollar design fee, depending on which design firm we are able to get,” explained Hurt. “That will be our first fundraising goal and just as soon as we are officially under the 501c3 umbrella of FACM we are ready to hit the ground running on fundraising.” 

“They are really organized, they’ve done all their homework. It’s been fun for us too…I’m not a skater…but I like activity and things that are going to keep kids and adults active,” reflected Rost.

MASS is currently ran by: Jon Visser, President (owner of Hero Ride Shop), Luke Anderson, Vice President (of Sound Envision), Kris Hurt, Secretary and Davalin Giles, Social Media Coordinator.


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