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Roger's Ramblings


Hi everyone! What a week the last few days have been! On October 7 the world was told and shown on media everywhere of a major attack on Israel from the terrorist organization: ‘Hamas’ who is the controlling political party of the Gaza strip next to southern Israel. After lighting up the sky with deadly rockets, over a thousand Hamas fighters from land, sea and air breached the

Israeli defenses and brutally murdered over 1,300 civilians and wounded over 3,000. They even beheaded 40 little babies to show and demonstrate their hatred of the Jews and captured dozens of captives to take back with them to have prisoners of war. This latest atrocity came on the 50th anniversary of the 1973 Yom Kippur War when Egypt and Syria launched a surprise

attack on Israel. Oh my, four weeks ago we started our current series about the Germans and their brutal treatment of the Jews during World War Two. Before our very eyes we are now experiencing the Holocaust like treatment from supporters of this kind of behavior of destroying our friends from Israel. In the United States and the world over we have seen vivid

demonstrations of support of Hamas murdering and brutalizing innocent civilians of Israel. How sad this is. Even our own U S congress has representatives who will not condemn the actions of Hamas. The country of Iran controls and funds Hamas to be the attack dogs to Israel when they are encouraged to do so. O K now: let’s do our review from the last four weeks of Holocaust

Survivors Living Among Us. Our story is about a couple who lived in our community on a 40 acre farm and kept their past to themselves as much as possible. We have learned how Hitler when he became dictator in 1933 taught and indoctrinated his people to hate the Jews. Hitler fully realized the power of public opinion, the press and indoctrinating school children. In the last

four weeks we have learned how the Nazis destroyed Poland when they started World War Twoand are combing the cities and countryside for all Jews and other undesirables to be sent to a Ghetto or holding area and then on to work or death camp. Hittler appointed Heinrich Himmler and Reinhard Heydrich with a new policy in 1941 called: (the final solution ) to completely eliminate all Jews under German control. We have learned from weeks past that our Otto and

Zelda (our couple who eventually lived in our Ozarks) were captured with their families and were brutally treated and transferred to a Warsaw Ghetto and processed by the Nazis to determine their fates. Our Otto and other teenage Jewish boys got picked to round up loose cattle throughout the countryside. Our Zelda was immediately loaded onto a train to Auschwitz. The rest of their family members who were younger and older were immediately sent to an open

pit to be eliminated and buried.They never got any further than the Warsaw Ghetto. Last week we talked about our Otto and his experiences rounding up cattle. Let’s shift gears and learn where our frightened Zelda is and what she is experiencing. By 1941 the Germans had a very efficient train and track system with hundreds of cattle cars in which Jews were loaded in horrible conditions. Very few air holes for ventilation and only one pot to use as a bathroom. Just a few pieces of bread and almost no water. Many times the prison trains had to stop for a full day for a high priority military train to go by first with more front line troops and equipment going to the Russian front. After three days of horrible conditions our Zelda rolls into Auschwitz. By now everyone is near death and weak from lack of water and food and overcrowding. Our Zelda being a strong teenage girl has survived better than most. However, many have died and are unable to move anymore. Suddenly the train stops at a place where many hundreds of other Jews are seen and Nazi soldiers are everywhere with barking mean dogs. The door is slid open and a Nazi with a whip begins yelling and beating everyone to get out quickly. Our Zelda is one of the last to get out as she is trying to assist the weak and dying. Immediately: Nazi guards with mean dogs on leashes come in the cattle car to get our Zelda and others out quicker. The soldiers yell: out, out, out, our Zelda is dog bitten and flung out quickly and lands in the mud

beside the cattle car. Meanwhile: the soldiers throw the other dead and dying bodies out like cord wood. By this time, after about 30 minutes, the train is unloaded and it starts to chug down the track to get another load of Jews. The Nazi soldiers are ruthless; everyone is pushed around and sorted. On the left are the old men and women and young children and their moms.

Approximately 20% of the total load is lined up on the right. Strong females in another line and males in another. The soldiers were looking for twins among the children for Doctor Josef Mengele to perform sadistic experiments on. Yes folks, the famous evil Mengele was in charge of the selection process at Auschwitz. As the train is unloaded there is an unfamiliar odor in the air in which Zelda and others are wondering what is burning. The line our Zelda is in is made up of strong young ladies for future sadistic experiments and slaves for the Reich. Also: another long line of strong young men are taken to the end of the work camp to be processed and

placed in barracks. Here we are again just getting started. Next week we will dive into what happened to our Zelda and let’s find out what the unfamiliar odor is. You will never guess how she survived! Tell your friends about Roger’s Ramblings! Next week will be most interesting.


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