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Roger's Ramblings


Howdy to all my friends and neighbors and beyond. O.K.- Let's briefly review and jump into this week's new adventures. Our young couple grew up together and eventually got married. On their wedding day, it was officially announced our country's civil war had officially started. Our Johnny and Mary Lou had a few happy months together before our young man joined the Union Army. Mary Lou had to live with her parents; in which her dad was a hard-core rebel supporter.

We also read in previous issues that our Johnny was severely wounded at Murfreesboro, Tn. Meanwhile: Mary Lou (long story short - years later)- has a highly favored job at the mercantile.

Now we are ready to return to the past and discover what is happening with our young

lady. Let's take a peek! Mary Lou is coming home from a hard day's work, and her dad is waiting

for her. "Mary Lou, When Mr. Kissee put you in charge of planning much of the big celebration and hoedown, I had no idea you would work this hard." Mary Lou, "I want to do a good job, and I want everything to be perfect for everyone. We only have two more days to get prepared for our visit from the St Louis-San Francisco railroad executive coming through to give a speech on the construction of tracks to Springfield. The carpenters are building a new barn for our evening

hoedown dance. We're preparing food for everyone, games for the kids, musicians, and speeches from dignitaries from surrounding towns, watermelon, and pie eating contests, and so much more. It could mean hundreds of jobs in South West Missouri. Everyone is excited! Ollie, (Mary Lou's father) "Keester Shoehammer came by today and asked my permission if you

could be his girl for the hoedown. I said yes! Listen, Mary Lou, that Yankee you married never

wrote and hadn't ever come back. He's dead; he ain't coming back! Keester is a good southern boy. I think he would be good for you! What do you say?" I don't want Keester! (Mary Lou shakes her head and is very sad.) "I can't! I will never give up hope on Johnny coming back!

(Mary Lou begins to cry and runs to the house, very distraught and depressed at what her papa has said) ( Now folks, let's check out what Mr. Kissee is doing. Remember: he owns the mercantile and most of the town.) A rider on a beautiful horse goes up the walkway to Mr. Kissee's home. The courier shouts: "Mr. Kissee, are you home?" Mr. Kissee comes to the door, "Yes I am."

I'm a courier from the St Louis-San Francisco railroad company. Our executive is coming through on a private stage at midnight tonight, and with our prior agreement two months ago, you agreed to board him for a day until his arrival tomorrow evening for the hoedown. Also: No one is to know he is here or see him.

Mr. Kissee, "Yes sir, been expecting you! We are ready, and no one will know he is here." Now folks, let's fast forward to the day of the hoedown. Mary

Lou is up at dawn and doing last-minute jobs. The town is a whirlwind. People from miles are riding their horses and driving their wagons to town to enjoy the festivities. Banners are going up, and hogs are cooking on fire pits. (Meanwhile: Keester Shoehammer locates Mary Lou and runs up to her, "Hey Mary Lou I asked your father and I have his permission for you to be my girl this evening." Mary Lou, "No way, Keeser! I am a married woman and you're not getting close to me today or ever. Do you understand?" (Keester turns around) "You haven't seen the last of me!"

(Mary Lou becomes noticeably even more stressed) O.K. folks, we are out of space once again way too soon. Come back next week and find out what happens at the hoedown. Tell your neighbors and Mail readers we are roaring down to the finish line.


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