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I sat outside First Baptist Church Sunday morning, watching the sun peek through the pine trees as the spring calves frolicked in the field behind the still-silent keyboard. The anticipation for the rejoicing to begin grew along with the congregation.

Sunrise service is my favorite Sunday of the year, by far. This year I was able to attend with my fiancé, my grandma as well as my brother and his fiancé. There’s nothing more beautiful than praising God for the resurrection of Jesus in the midst of the spring outdoors. 

It’s simply effortless to rejoice when in the presence of other believers and in the sanctity of His house. 

However, evil lurks on a day-to-day basis just waiting to rejoice when you fail. If you don’t think it wanders around this neck of the woods, just take a look at the news out of Elkland ON Easter Sunday (A1).

As a Christian, my relationship with God is the most important one in my life. Like Jessie Perkins said, the person(s) that could do such a thing must be tortured, lost souls. 

While that’s only a fraction of the depth of evil in this world, there’s just as much good, if not more. 

I rejoice at the pure happiness displayed in new calves playing in the morning. I rejoice at the pearly-white smile of my grandmother who I’ve attended sunrise service with many years now. I rejoice that our Savior loved us enough to bare what I most certainly know I couldn’t – ultimate betrayal and crucifixion.

It’s my duty to live each day as the closest representation of Christ as I can. I feel it necessary to rejoice at each small bit of light throughout the day because I know it drives the devil crazy.

My favorite writer of all-time is C.S. Lewis and he said it so perfectly: My hope is that when I die, all of hell rejoices that I am out of the fight.


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