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On the hunt for a good book?

Meet an 8 year old author


It’s not every day that someone writes and publishes a book. Any author will tell you that it takes a long time to put a book together, to flush out the details, edit, re-edit, publish, etc. 

Coincidentally, 8-year-old Kingston Sitton can speak on all the time and energy it takes to publish a book because he has done it!

“Well, it was 80 or 40 years ago, my grandma’s grandpa’s dog was a champion fox hound…she would tell the story about him…,” shared Kingston. 

Kingston, along with his three other cousins, and his ‘Grandma Jo’ spent the entire last year writing and publishing Ken-Sue Champion Foxhound. 

“The grandkids and I would go to Wonders of Wildlife or the Zoo. When we would stop by a fox exhibit, I just started telling them the story about my grandfather's fox hound that was a champion fox dog,” explained Jo Sitton, Kingston's grandma. The children were so familiar with the story, they would retell it as they passed various exhibits. 

“One day, I just thought it was so good to hear them tell the story, I think we should just write a book about it,” shared Grandma Jo. “I had written a book before under a pseudo name, so I had that experience. But it was different with the kids.” 

Thanks to Grandma Jo’s sister-in-law, who has a masters degree in graphic design, they put together a beautifully illustrated book. Througout the production of the book, the children were able to learn methods of training a champion fox hound, including blowing a hunting horn. Each child used their own retelling of the story, with personalized 'avatars' present throughout the book. 

“Even the three-year-old added a sentence or two about,” explained Grandma Jo. 

While the book has since printed and is sold by Grandma Jo and the grandkids at various festivals and fairs, Kingston has high hopes of it someday being sold in Bass Pro. Ken-Sue Champion Foxhound can be purchased at ellenhuntingtonauthor.com.



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