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LYY: #momlife


Just when you think you’ve got it all together: bills paid, groceries in the fridge, closets cleaned, dishes done every day for a week (that’s a really big accomplishment at my house), house cleaned from fire (thank you Amanda for your help), laundry caught up-you know all the crap that goes into being a mom/wife/housekeeper-the kids can have a way of making that all look not so spectacular.

Last week my youngest was supposed to have an orthodontist appointment. I never got a reminder email (reminder emails are life y’all-I’d miss all the appointments without them-that and the text reminders) so I told Rock I didn’t think it was happening.

That day he went to school annoyed because I wasn’t taking him to the orthodontist appointment that I didn’t think he had.

Guess what.

He did.

We missed it.

Talk about one mad kid.

I said don’t worry I’ll call and reschedule no big deal.

That was last week.

Also last week my oldest, who is in Invisalign, opened his pack for the week and it wasn’t quite right. It didn’t fit like it should and was only a partial piece.

I said-don’t wear it and I’ll call tomorrow.


Guess who forgot to call-for BOTH things.

Yours truly.

This morning on the way to school while everyone was already cranky because it’s Tuesday (which is like Monday for us four-dayers) the oldest said, “Mom have you called yet?”


Nope I did not.

I forgot.

Well, I’ll be honest. I didn’t forget either one of them.

I remembered lots of times.

In the shower.

While doing an interview.

While trying to go to sleep at 10 p.m.

I remembered.

Just not when it mattered.

Parenting is hard. Remembering all the things for three kids, yourself, and the husband is hard.

Anyway. I called today. (I remembered during business hours because mom guilt from being “yelled” at by two kids this morning).

Took the verbal lashing about missing appointments and skipping Invisalign’s and got the kids scheduled.

They probably won’t thank me, but we will get two hours together in the car in the middle of the day. And it’ll be time spent together, even if it was two weeks later than planned.

Mamas-parenting is hard. Our kids don’t get it right now, but one day they will and I can only hope they look back and see I was doing my best every day.


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