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Litter bugged


With the start of spring, folks are spending a lot more time outdoors and enjoying God’s nature. While we have so much to be proud of in the Ozarks, I’ve noticed lots of universal complaining about one thing outside…. The trash.

I wrote an article three or four weeks ago about Ben Hunt who inspired the citizens of Rogersville when he suggested that they gather for one simple hour to clean up their community. While the event was 100% a community effort, MoDOT generously provided safety vests, trash grabbers and yellow trash bags to assist with their goal. 

Making an awesome story even better, the amazing people at Post Game Pizza offered to give one free medium pizza to anyone who participated in the event, which turned into an activity for all in the community to take part in each Saturday since.

Those who know me know how I feel about littering. Only liars and thieves frustrate me more! The problem does not lie with local trash companies or the folks wearing suits up in Jefferson City. 

The problem lies with us. 

It’s no one else’s job to keep our tiny towns looking nice except for the citizens of the town. Marshfield has always been my home, but I know everyone in Webster County can relate to the sense of pride they have for their hometowns. 

If you’re upset about the amount of trash in our city, do something about it. 

I give huge props to the citizens of Rogersville for not only starting a trend, but making their presence visible on their busies roads, on a regular basis. I truly hope seeing others pick up the trash that is so senselessly tossed out of passing vehicles will make litterbugs think twice about what to do next time they need to discard something while on the road.

How hard is it to just keep a trash bag or grocery sack in your vehicle to throw trash in until you arrive at a gas station?

We all need to do better with implementing change toward the things we have concerns about in our community. 

Like my mom used to tell me when my evil siblings destroyed the toy box, “If everyone just picks up five pieces, the problem will go away.”

Some areas may have a bit larger problem than picking up five pieces each would fix… but if we all do our part we can help shape the beauty of our communities. 


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