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Letter to the editor: Thank you Marshfield


I want to thank the citizens of Marshfield for electing me to another term as Mayor. The weight of this honor does not go unnoticed. I want to thank all of those that showed support by delivering Easter eggs, watching the forum or even a simple message to say you were on my side. It all means the world to me. Your confidence in my continued leadership is humbling and so appreciated!

I like to keep my head down and focus on the work. I believe that my actions will speak louder than my words. I have, however, learned a few things from my first opposed election. Not all actions are seen. It can be difficult for citizens to see improvements to underground infrastructure, the importance of building relationships or the smallest change that makes our city work more efficiently with developers. I have also learned that the amount of time and energy that is required to put oneself on the ballot and open up to public analysis is huge. It is also affirming. I did not have to change my priorities to make sure that Marshfield heard my message. Lastly, I learned that staying true to my commitment to Marshfield rather than an "agenda" is absolutely what is best for the town that we all love. This city will never have just one voice, it has almost 8000 voices that I want to continue to hear and honor. So, it's back to work for the place that my family and I call home. Again, thank you for the privilege.

Natalie B. McNish, Mayor


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