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Hitting snooze on Daylight Savings?


Nov. 6 marked the end of daylight savings. That means we never have to deal with it again, right? Well, not exactly. In March this year, the Senate passed a bill called the Sunshine Protection Act of 2021 (S.623). The bill would make Daylight Saving permanent throughout the U.S., starting Nov. 5, 2023, except for states like Arizona and Hawaii, which do not observe Daylight Savings.

Contrary to popular belief, Daylight savings was not for the farmers. Daylight savings was introduced in Germany and Austria during WWI in an attempt to conserve the fuel needed to produce electricityAfterwards, other countries started the practice. Finally, the U.S. saw Daylight Savings introduced in 1918. From there, it has been used sporadically through the decades.  

After news of this bill initially broke, it quickly fizzled out because it still has yet to become law. As of the writing of this article, the bill is waiting to be passed by the House of Representatives. After which the President can sign it into law.

You keep up with S.623 on Congress.gov by searching Sunshine Protection Act. Otherwise, Marshfield Mail will continue to monitor and update the people of Webster County.


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