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Helping Keep Your Vehicles Running


Winter is in full swing, which for us in Missouri, can go from mild to unfavorable very quickly. This constant change in the weather affects us as we prepare for our day, and the vehicles often left out to endure the weather.

Being aware of the harsh effects winter can bring. The fine folks at Show-Me Auto Care offer a range of services to keep your vehicle going so your morning routine is as smooth as possible.

Some of the services Show-Me Auto Care offers include

  • Checking antifreeze levels to ensure it is strong enough for temperature drops
  • Checking both batteries & charging systems, as cold weather is harsh on both systems
  • Checking tire pressure because of temperature changes.
  • Checking windshield wipers to ensure they're suitable for wet and snowy conditions
  • Checking headlights & tail lights

Show-Me Auto Care is located at 498 George St, in Marshfield. Call and schedule your appointment at 417-630-0098 and ensure your vehicle is prepared for winter weather.


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