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Don’t tread on me


My fiancé and I visited a bar in Springfield this week that we frequented when we lived there. The atmosphere is laid back and calm compared to the normal bar experience and the food is excellent for the price. 

Another thing I love about the place is the friendly staff who remembered my name this week and my order, even after moving 2 years ago. The customer service is unmatched, in my opinion. 

Within 24 hours of our visit, I see the owners under attack for their display of a Gadson flag. I noticed that the flag was being perceived as “racist” and described as a “dog whistle” to groups who have used the flag. 

Apparently, the group trying to cancel the establishment feels as if it creates an unsafe environment for minorities and people of color. While I can’t speak for either of these experiences, I can inquire as to why it makes someone feel this way. 

I have reluctantly reached out to those who pointed out the decor and expressed concern that my human experience includes the support of our police, gun rights and BLM, the message - not the organization. But that’s a whole different topic... 

The main concern is that the Gadson flag is flown almost unanimously by republicans who support gun rights. However, it puzzles me on how the two are connected or why that creates an unsafe environment for any minority group. 

I will never understand the extreme assumptions people make based off of a sliver of information. Feel free to educate me if I’m wrong, but I’ve NEVER seen “Don’t Tread On Me” and just automatically assumed the person was racist or that my family would not be safe in that environment. 

Although, anyone who wants to pick a fight over the decor of an establishment should probably not be at a bar anyway. 


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