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Digital or Physical Media?


I have been reading and hearing news of digital platforms such as streaming services removing content and books being banned, and this thought came to me.

In this day and age, streaming and digital is the king of all you want. Do you want to check out the latest movie? Just a couple of buttons away on your remote, and boom, there you are, checking out something still being shown in theaters. Do you want to read the latest novel? Well, all you have to do is pull out your tablet or phone. Click Download, and there you are reading the latest New York Times bestseller. But what happens if the device dies or breaks? What if the Wi-Fi goes out? What if the company that you "bought" or purchased the item suddenly decides that they don't want it in their service, and they remove it? What do you do then? Go physical. You know, go out to the stores or go online and purchase the latest book or film, or in some cases, the newest game, and it's delivered to your house there for you to enjoy. However, owning physical media has its challenges. Where do you put it because your shelves are full? What if the book tears, or the disc or cassette breaks? What do you do then?

In my opinion, There are pros and cons to owning physical and digital forms of media. Personally, I will always go for physical copies of books and "rent" a movie from Amazon. Maybe it's just me. Does anyone else feel the same that they have both? Or are there people out there that are strictly one or the other?

I wonder what their houses are like? Are the digital ones all very nice and pristine, with loads and space? What about the physical ones? Are their homes kind of libraries or museums? In the end, like everyone's opinion, you can enjoy media and entertainment in your way.


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