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Dairy Girls: local dairy judging team takes 1st at national level


Anyone who has grown up going to local County Fairs is probably familiar with the animal judging portion of the fair events. Kids of all ages come to show their animals, which range from ducks to cows, for a chance to win the prized blue ribbon and a little cash.

However, for three local young ladies, showing cattle wasn’t enough-they wanted to learn to judge.

As aspiring judges hone their skills through High school FFA clubs and 4-H clubs many of them find themselves competing at the state 4-H competition.

“…Every summer we have a dairy judging camp where we give kids extra practice…then we take the top ranked kids and put together a team of 3-4 kids to represent Missouri at three national contests,” explained Karla Deaver, Coach of the Missouri 4-H Dairy Judging Team.

The team selected to represent Missouri: Lila Wantland from Niangua, MO; Peyton Nix from Mountain Grove, and Whitney Yerina from Conway, MO.

“I went to Dairy Camp to practice dairy for the FFA contest. After attending state dairy judging contest over the summer of 2020, I did pretty well, and they asked me to be on the team,” reflected Payton Nix who is currently a freshmen at Oklahoma State University.

“It was always kind of one of my goals to be on the dairy team. It was in the year of 2020 at the state 4-H competition that the team was officially decided,” added Lila Wantland who is also a freshmen at Oklahoma State University.


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