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Blessing in disguise


Wow, this day came faster than I ever thought!

If I can use one word to describe my time with the Marshfield Mail, it would be blessed. It took some deep reflection to realize that being Editor was a true blessing in disguise. 

Every soul I encountered was a gift.

Every story I had the opportunity to tell was a bonus.

Every day was truly a blessing.

Yes, the hard days were there. They often were accompanied by stress, early mornings, and maybe a few tears.

But life doesn't give you anything you can't handle.

Life gives you challenges to overcome or learn from.

But life also gives you friends.

Those friends have inspired, challenged, comforted, and cheered me on every day of this journey.

Some of those friends include my Marshfield Mail team.

Karen the Brave - with a lion's heart, she always embraced/encouraged my crazy ideas but never feared to challenge them.

Amber the Bold - she is extremely passionate and fearlessly pushes the boundaries of normal.

JT the Dedicated - always willing to step in/up and offer new perspectives on outdated methods.

Taylor the Loyal - always trusted, counseled, and applauded me. She cheered me on from every side of the ring.

Jessie the Steady - always counted on her to make my ideas come to life. Although I often gave her more than she asked for, she always delivered incredible work.

Deanna the Optimistic- a boss that allowed me to hit my stride, flex my skills, and challenged me to get outside my comfort zone.

If you ever have the pleasure of knowing these individuals, know you are truly blessed.

Thank you to everyone else who picked up their community paper every Wednesday. This job has been more than its title or accolades. It has been a privilege... a blessing. One I will hold dear to my heart for many years to come.


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