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8th Grade Lady Jays Volleyball goes undefeated.


The Marshfield 8th Grade Volleyball team went undefeated on their 2021 season. The Lady Jays ended their season 17-0. The team is currently coached by Kaylah Cottengim. Competing against teams in the conference at a difficult level, coach Conttengim’s main focus was to create mental toughness for the girls while on the court.

“Our biggest thing going into the season was our mental toughness. Aside from skill that was the biggest downfall,” Conttengim said, “ We played a lot of very hard teams in our conference like Reeds Springs and Rogersville. They are all really good teams so we knew that we would compete with them but our mental game would be what defeated us.”

Cottengim would take the time during practice to work on the physical skills required for volleyball but would also do mental toughness drill with the girls to create a strong mind on the court.

“They grew so much during the season. They really mastered being able to get out if they were down five or seven points. They were able to know that volleyball is a game of points and is not a game of time so they worked point by point to catch back up and eventually take the sets to win.”  Said Conttengim.

With players like Tilly Greenfield, team captain, Quinn Aldridge, and Gracelyn Bull the leadership and skills that they plus the team portrayed, the 8th grade Lady Jays took 1st place in the Big 8 Conference tournament on October 9, 2021. 

“Tilly Greenfield always had a good attitude and always brought her A-game every game. She never let hard games get her down, she is just a very mentally tough player,” said Cottengim, “ Quinn Aldridge was a leader on the court and she kept her teammates up and has the skill of making quick good decisions. Gracelyn Bull was the powerhouse that we needed to seal big long rallies and she always kept her every during sets.”

The 8th grade Lady Jays will be moving up to Marshfield High School for the 2022-2023 season. Leaving the junior high with a 17-0 season plus a first place Big 8 conference win.

“I am just super excited for the girls because this is such a huge accomplishment. I am excited as well because I feel like this gives Marshfield a good push for their volleyball program to be successful,” said Cottengim,

Cottengim hopes for the girls to continue the success that they have started as they continue through school and to keep the Marshfield traditions of a positive attitude, hard work, and competing at a high level.


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