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IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF DALLAS COUNTY, MISSOURI PROBATE DIVISIONIn the Estate of: Ernest A. Rigdon Jr. deceased Estate No. 21DA-PR00007 Notice of Filing of Petition for Complete Settlement and Proposed Order of Distribution. To All Persons interested in the above referenced estate: You are hereby notified that the undersigned personal representative will file a Petition for an Order of Complete Settlement of the estate together with a Final Settlement and Proposed Order of Distribution in the Probate Division of the Circuit Court of Dallas County Missouri on July 19, 2022, or as maybe continued by the court. If no objections to the Settlement or Proposed Order of Distribution are filed within 20 days after the date of the filing thereof, the court will consider said settlement and proposed distribution and upon their approval the court will determine the persons entitled to decedent's descendible interest in the estate and the extent and character of their interest herein. Upon proof of compliance with the court's order of distribution by the Personal Representative the court will discharge the Personal Representative and her sureties if any from further claim or demand by any interested person. Ernest A. Rigdon III. Personal Representative J. Michael Brown Kirksey Law Firm, LLC 711 S Albany Ave Bolivar Missouri 65613 417-326-4529 6/15 4tc 7/6

Posted 12/31/1969