The following are Webster County restaurant and food service inspections.

Restaurants are graded using a state-issued matrix that rates restaurants according to current health codes. The health department categorizes food service code violations as either critical or noncritical. Critical violations are more likely to cause food contamination or illness, while noncritical violations do not necessarily present an immediate danger.

Environmental Public Health Specialist Terral Davis, of the Webster County Health Unit, is in charge of restaurant inspections, along with the inspection of schools, gas stations and senior citizen centers.

Stop and Save

Located at 219 W. Clinton, Seymour

June 10, 2008

Critical violations:

* Soda dispensing tips dirty, need wash rinse and sanitized regularly. Must be corrected by June 13, 2008.

* Employee designated as person in charge currently lacks essential food code knowledge of food code temps, procedures for cleaning and sanitizing. Employee previously given food code requirements on Feb. 5, 2007. Recommend employee review previous meeting and 1999 food code on Missouri Department of Health Web site. Must be corrected by June 13, 2008.

Return visit on or about June 13, 2008.

Noncritical violations:

* No sanitize solution strips provided. Must be corrected by next visit.

* Soiled wiping cloth on counter needs laundered or maintained in sanitize solution. Must be corrected by next visit.

* Employee handwash not draining adequately. Must be corrected by next visit.

* Kitchen area ceiling lights not equipped with protective shields. Must be corrected by next visit.

* Toilet room door (kitchen area) does not have self closing door, and door not maintained closed. Must be corrected by next visit.

* Handwash sink not provided with disposable towels, corrected, employee supplied towels.

* Facility needs cleaned under cabinets and in kitchen around equipment and behind equipment. Cigarettes under sink soiled, need disposed. Must be corrected by next visit.

* Soda syrup in kitchen leaking on floor, needs cleaned and leaking container needs disposed. Must be corrected by next visit.

* Ice packaged on site not labeled to indicate where packaged. Must be corrected by next visit.


* Facility started preparing food recently. Much improvement needed.

Return visit for Stop and Save

June 10, 2008

Critical violations:

* Soda tips cleaned. Corrected.

* Employee (person in charge) has been directed regarding food code requirements. Employee still needs to study food code. At this time, facility has ceased food preparation and service. Corrected.

Noncritical violations:

* Inspector has provided sanitize strips, facility needs to start providing strips and using strips for themselves. Corrected.

* Wiping cloth removed. Corrected.

* Handsink fixed to allow good flow. Corrected.

* Ceiling lights in kitchen still need protective covers but food prep has ceased so no longer a violation. Corrected.

* Kitchen joined toilet door now closed. Corrected.

* Handsink now provided with disposable towels. Corrected.

* Equipment area in kitchen now swept around and cigarettes discarded. Corrected.

* Soda syrup cleaned up. Corrected.

* Ice packages now labeled. Corrected.

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