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When you contact Crime Stoppers we protect your identity

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Posted: Wednesday, September 13, 2006 12:00 am

Your tips help us solve crimes. You don’t have to worry about your name being revealed. Your identity will not be revealed to anyone.

What kind of crimes

We want to know about burglaries, drug…

When you contact Crime Stoppers we protect your identity

Your tips help us solve crimes. You don’t have to worry about your name being revealed. Your identity will not be revealed to anyone.

What kind of crimes

We want to know about burglaries, drug dealers, drug users, vandalism, violent acts, threats of violence, crimes against children, thefts, or any crime of a serious nature. If you know a crime is about to be committed, we want to know that too. We appreciate any information, no matter how small.

How do you make the tip

There are four ways to make a tip. Call the Anonymous Tip Hotline at 859-3406. You can leave your tip on an answering machine 24 hours per day. Contact Detective Rick Hamilton at 880-9387. This is preferred as you usually will talk to a person and you may be asked questions that may be important to the investigation. (Your identity will be protected). By e-mail at If you leave your e-mail address you may be contacted by e-mail if we need more information. Your e-mail address will be kept confidential.

Crime Prevention Tip

Talking to your kids about drugs

Don’t put off talking to your children about alcohol and other drugs. As early as fourth grade, kids worry about pressures to try drugs. School programs alone aren’t enough. Parents must become involved, but most parents aren’t sure how to tell their children about drugs. Open communication is one of the most effective tools you can use in helping your child avoid drug use. Talking freely and really listening shows children that they mean a great deal to you.

When do you say it?

You can begin as early as preschool. For instance, when you give a fever medication you have the opportunity to discuss the benefits and the appropriate use of those drugs. You are providing a context of how to use drugs in a responsible way. This is also a time when your child is likely to be very attentive to your behavior and any guidance that you provide. Be specific about the effects of the drugs, how they make a person feel, the risk of overdose, and the long-term damage drugs can cause. When kids become older, to around eight years of age, you can open conversations about drugs by simply asking them what they think about drugs. Even if your question doesn’t immediately result in a discussion, you’ve gotten your kids thinking about the issue. If you show your kids that you’re willing to discuss the topic openly and hear what they have to say, they might be more willing to come to you for help in the future. When kids get to age 13 or so they are likely to know other kids whom use or abuse drugs and alcohol. It’s important to set up a written or unwritten contract for guidelines about drugs and other issues. You might promise to pick your kids up at any time without asking questions if they call you when a person they are with has been drinking or using drugs. The contract may include details about other situations, for example, if you find out someone has been drinking or using drugs in a car while your kid is driving you may want to suspend your child’s driving privileges for three to six months.

What do you say?

Tell them that you love them and you want them to be healthy and happy. Say you do not find alcohol and other illegal drugs acceptable. Many parents never state this simple principle. Explain how this use hurts people. Physical harm, for example, AIDS, slowed growth, impaired coordination and accidents. Emotional harm, sense of not belonging, isolation and paranoia. Educational harm, difficulties remembering and paying attention. Discuss the legal issues. A conviction for a drug offense can lead to time in prison or cost someone a job, driver’s license, or college loan. Talk about positive, drug-free alternatives, and how you can explore them together. Some ideas include sports, reading, movies, bike rides, camping, cooking, games, and concerts. Involve your kids’ friends.

How do you say it?

Calmly and openly – don’t exaggerate. The facts speak for themselves. Face to face – exchange information and try to understand each other’s point of view. Be an active listener and let your child talk about fears and concerns. Don’t interrupt and don’t preach. Through “teachable moments” in contrast to formal lecture, use a variety of situations – television news, TV dramas, books, newspaper. Establish an ongoing conversation rather than giving a one-time speech. Remember that you set the example. Avoid contradictions between your words and your actions. And don’t use illegal drugs, period! Be creative. You and your child might act out various situations in which one person tries to pressure another to take a drug. Figure out two or three ways to handle each situation and talk about which works best. Exchange ideas with other parents.

How can I tell if a child is using drugs?

Identifying illegal drug use may help prevent further abuse. Possible signs include: change in moods – more irritable, secretive, withdrawn, overly sensitive, inappropriately angry, euphoric. Less responsible – late coming home, late for school or class, dishonest. Changing friends or changing lifestyles – new interests, unexplained cash. Physical deterioration – difficulty in concentration, loss of coordination, loss of weight, unhealthy appearance.

Why do kids use drugs?

Young people say they turn to alcohol and other drugs for one or more of the following reasons:

    To do what their friends are doing

    To escape pain in their lives

    To fit in


    For fun


    To take risks

One expert said kids mainly use drugs because of low self-esteem. Kids who feel good about themselves are much less likely than other kids to turn to drugs and alcohol. Below are some pointers on helping build self-esteem in your child.

Offer lots of praise for any job well done. If you need to criticize your child talk about the action, not the person. If your child gets a math problem wrong, it’s better to say, I think you added wrong, let’s try again. Assign do-able chores; a 6-year-old can bring a plate over to the sink after dinner, a 12-year-old can feed and walk the dog after school. Performing such duties and being praised for them helps your child feel good about himself. Spend one on one time with your child. Setting aside at least 15 uninterrupted minutes per child per day to talk, play a game, or take a walk together, lets her know you care. Say ‘I love you.’ Nothing will make a child feel better.

According to Webster County 911 active warrant files as of Sept. 6, 2006, the following subjects have outstanding warrants out of Webster County.

If you have information to the whereabouts of any of the subjects, contact Deputy Karyn Wallace with the Webster County Sheriff’s Department at 859-2247, Crime Stoppers or Detective Rick Hamilton at 890-9387. You do not have to give your name.

For the next few weeks, the Webster County Sheriff’s Department is going to be actively looking for anyone with an outstanding warrant out of Webster County. Things that may be used are utility records, phone records, employment withholding, tax filings, etc. If you know you have a warrant out of Webster County, you need to contact Deputy Karyn Wallace with the Sheriff’s Department to make arrangements to turn yourself in.

Adrienne Adams, 1-10-85, Rogersville, speeding; Joshua Adams, 5-23-81, Seymour, FTA (Failure to Appear); Seth Adams, 7-11-66, Marshfield, FTA; Richard Adamson, 4-7-60, Seymour, FTA; Tyler Adrian, 9-29-83, Seymour, FTA; Charles Ahumada, 5-20-84, Webster, bad check; Samuel Akinsulie, 12-26-59, Webster, speeding; Jamie Aibers, 2-18-85, two Webster warrants, FTA; Phillip Albers, 10-10-53, Webster, bad check; Simon Albrecat, 11-4-80, Fordland, FTA; Garcia Aldava, 7-10-83, Webster, traffic; Donald Alderson, 3-2-58, 3 Webster warrants, traffic; Charles Alexander, 10-16-64, Webster, non support; Richard Allen, 3-30-76, Webster, FTA; Richard Alley, 12-15-71, Marshfield, FTA; Crystal Alvarado, 2-23-84, Marshfield, FTA; Alves Dimas, Jr., 2-19-83, Rogersville, no insurance; Alves Dimas, Jr., 2-19-83, Fordland, no insurance; Laurent Amar, 8-2-69, Seymour, FTA; George Ames, 8-24-69, Webster, FTA; Charles Anderson, 3-4-75, Seymour, FTA; James Anderson, 1-3-86, Seymour, FTA; Robert Anderson, 7-15-43, Rogersville, speed; Shawn Anderson, 5-6-77, Webster, FTA, tampering; Janae Anglen, 9-28-69, Webster, bad check; Ramona Anglin, 8-29-34, Webster, bad check; Bruce Apger, 6-25-64, Marshfield, FTA; Amy Appleberry, 12-9-76, 2 Webster warrants, FTA, traffic; Rhonda Armer, 7-30-59, Fordland, FTA, speeding; Brian Arnold, 7-4-59, Seymour, FTA, traffic; Noland Arnold, 3-1-64, Webster, bad check; Shaun Arnold, 12-8-78, Marshfield, speeding; Frank Ashby, 2-27-63, three Rogersville warrants, Traffic, DWR (driving while revoked), open container; Dana Atchison, 3-17-64, Webster, bad check; Charles Atkins, 3-2-54, Webster, DWI (driving while intoxicated); Sean Atkins, 9-15-85, Webster, P & P violation; Zachary Atterberry, 9-29-83, Webster, no insurance; Justin Austin, 7-20-76, Webster, non support; Charles Aylor, 11-9-74, Marshfield, FTA; David Azevedo, 10-11-84, Webster, FTA, bad check; Leann Baechle, 8-2-83, Webster, Possession of controlled substance, alcohol, DWR; Lance Bahnmiller, 7-31-79, Webster, bad check; Douglas Bailes, 2-6-54, Webster, domestic assault; Bean Bailey, 1-19-85, Seymour, FTA, controlled substance; Bruce Bailey, 12-24-75, Seymour, DWR; Max Bailey, 7-28-56, Webster, FTA, DWR: Tommy Bailey, 1-28-81, Marshfield, peace disturbance; Kelli Baird, 3-12-79, Fordland, defective equipment; Kelli Baird, 3-12-78, Webster, speeding; Jordan Baker, 10-19-86, Marshfield, FTA, trespassing; Stewart Baker, 2-16-84, Webster, bad check; Willis Baker, 9-23-52, Webster, traffic, failure to yield; Laura Ball, 10-28-80, Webster, speed; Sylvanus Ballard, 1-12-78, three Webster warrants, traffic; Sylvannus Ballard, 1-12-78, Marshfield, FTA; John Ballew, 5-17-73, Webster, speed, seat belt; Eun Bang, 2-17-77, Webster, FTA, traffic; Beverly Banks, 9-11-63, Webster, bad check; Billy Banner, 11-11-62, Webster, DWR; Bernard Barnes, 5-11-60, two Webster warrants, peace disturbance, assault; Delbert Barnes, 2-27-42, Fordland, FTA, speed; Jonathan Barnes, 6-14-87, Webster, probation violation; Tara Barnes, 12-20-78, Webster, FTA, no insurance; Jamey Barnett, 10-15-70, Webster, bad check; Jennifer Barnett, 6-16-78, Webster, FTA, failed to return property; Leslie Barnett, 3-23-49, Webster, speeding; Daniel Barns, 2-19-61, Seymour, traffic; Glenn Barrett, 1-11-29, 4 Webster warrants, sexual misconduct; Blake Bartlett, 12-6-69, Fordland, FTA, speeding; Amanda Barton, 1-3-79, Webster, endangering a child; Liza Barton, 9-20-79, Webster, traffic; Reid Bass, 3-19-72, Webster, speeding; John Batchelder, 3-13-61, Seymour, FTA; Arthur Bauman, 2-23-60, Webster, speeding; Georgia Baumann, 1-18-36, Webster, bad check; Kevin Baylon, 12-1-71, Webster, FTA, DWR; David Beason, 7-3-66, Webster, FTA, bad check; Robin Beason, 4-9-84, Webster, resisting arrest; Carl Beavers, 5-8-71, Fordland, FTA, speeding; Brian Becker, 11-29-69, Webster, bad check; Melissa Becker, 11-17-84, Webster, FTA, bad check; Melissa Becker, 11-17-84, Marshfield, FTA, license plate; Justin Beckstein, 8-22-81, Marshfield, FTA, DWS (Driving While Suspended); Justin Beckstein, 8-22-81, three Webster warrants, assault and traffic; George Bedwell, 11-24-62, Webster, FTA, BAC; Paul Beers, 3-27-82, Webster, FTA, DWR; Edward Behrens, 6-23-80, Webster, FTA, speeding; Lonnie Bell, 9-19-77, Fordland, speeding; Michelle Bellecoma, 8-14-74, Seymour, FTA, speeding; Timmy Bemrose, 3-1-69, Rogersville, failed to register; Janet Bennett, 3-8-57, Webster, bad check; Steven Bennett, 12-23-89, Webster, FTA, traffic; Terrance Bennett, 12-23-70, Seymour, FTA, speeding; Timothy Bennett, 6-2-66, Webster, no license; Jessica Benson, 8-16-82, 2 Webster warrants, traffic; Jessica Benson, 8-16-82, Marshfield, DWS; Shane Benton, 5-30-86, Webster, no insurance; Ken Bergeron, 7-2-71, Seymour, speeding; Amanda Bernhardt, 5-26-78, Seymour, FTA, no insurance; Nathan Bernhardt, 11-21-62, Seymour, FTA, assault; Matthew Berry, 7-19-73, Rogersville, DWR; Royce Berry, 8-24-66, Webster, speed; Richard Berthiaume, 11-11-74, Webster, bad check; Robert Bender, 5-16-81, Webster, speed; Margaret Benedict, 7-25-64, Webster, bad check; Breanna Biehl, 7-20-85, Webster, no license; Jennifer Bishop, 10-27-84, Seymour, FTA, failed return property; Robert Bishop, 10-26-73, Webster, no license; Scott Bitner, 7-30-65, Webster, speeding; Brandon Bitzer, 9-28-87, Webster, bad check; Anthony Black, 6-30-60, Seymour, FTA, speed; Brian Blankenship, 8-1-79, Webster, FTA, DWR; Jesse Blankenship, 11-10-83, Seymour, FTA, property damage; Jesse Blankenship, 11-10-83, Webster, property damage; Chase Blood, 9-28-84, Marshfield, FTA, peace disturbance; Nathon Bodine, 4-21-79, Fordland, FTA, DWS; Raymond Bonner, 12-28-51, Seymour, FTA, open container; Hazel Borders, 9-11-70, Webster, bad check; Tammy Boughton, 10-1-68, Rogersville, paraphernalia; Terrance Bowie, 7-14-67, Webster, assault; Timothy Bower, 3-22-82, Webster, speed; Andrea Bowling, 9-25-75, Webster, bad check; April Boyd, 9-28-80, Webster, FTA, DWR; Corey Boyd, 11-10-78, Webster, FTA, bad check; Virgil Boyd, 2-5-77, Webster, FTA, speeding; William Boyd, 3-16-67, three Webster warrants, traffic; Sean Boyles, 1-23-77, Rogersville, speeding; Drew Bradley, 12-2-56, Webster, animal abuse; Sarah Brake, 5-19-86, Webster, property damage; Timothy Brake, 10-29-75, Webster, FTA, non support; Charles Bradley, 6-4-66, Rogersville, FTA; David Brannon, 12-14-58, Marshfield, FTA: Johnny Braudrick, 2-18-66, Fordland, no license; Danielle Brelsford, 8-25-70, Webster, possession of controlled substance; Jannette Brengle, 4-27-72, 3 Marshfield warrants, traffic, DWI; Mary Brennen, 6-25-78, Rogersville, paraphernalia; David Brewer, 5-3-68, Seymour, FTA, speed; Jessica Brewster, 1-19-82, Webster, FTA, bad check; Tahscena Brewster, 3-29-76, Webster, FTA, bad check; Bradley Bright, 2-21-73, Webster, Ins. Funds; Michael Bringelson, 8-1-69, Webster, bad check; Jeremy Brinkerhoff, 5-30-77, Webster, FTA, stealing; Karen Brinkley, 2-25-61, Webster, probation violation; Theresa Britzman, 9-22-68, Webster, FTA; Shawn Brock, 9-10-77, Seymour, FTA, speeding; Jeffrey Brooke, 1-1-79, Webster, bad check; Raymond Brooks, 8-17-69, Seymour, FTA, speeding; Scottland Brooks, 3-27-88, Webster, FTA, intoxication of minor; Eric Brown, 5-21-78, Marshfield, FTA, traffic; Howard Brown, 3-3-77, Webster, possession of controlled substance; Howard Brown, 3-3-77, Rogersville, no license; Jamisha Brown, 8-14-79, Webster, speeding; Jesse Brown, 3-23-77, Webster, non support; Mario Brown, 11-5-72, Rogersville, speeding; Michael Brown, 11-14-63, Webster, FTA, traffic; Nathan Brown, 7-3-84, Webster, no insurance; Richard Brown, 2-27-43, Webster, traffic; Robert Brown, 8-3-54, Fordland, FTA, speeding; Rocky Brown, 10-12-76, Webster, failed to register vehicle; Ruthanne Brown, 8-30-48, Seymour, speeding; Saretta Brown, 3-22-48, Webster, FTA; Scotty Brown, 6-29-78, Rogersville, speeding, Tammy Brown, 9-26-58, Rogersville, FTA, dog at large; Thomas Brown, 2-19-87, Webster, probation violation; Timothy Brown, 12-26-79, Seymour, dog at large; Veronica Brown, 9-10-72, 2 Webster warrants, bad check; William Brown, 6-1-84, Webster, FTA; Daniel Bruton, 7-2-78, Marshfield, FTA, no insurance; Lori Bruton, 10-31-76, Webster, bad check; Christopher Bryant, 3-13-75, Seymour, FTA, speed; William Bryant, 6-5-73, Seymour, FTA, speed; Kelly Bryce, 7-13-82, Webster, FTA; Byron Buck, 5-9-70, Seymour, speeding; Candace Bullock, 9-15-72, Webster, no insurance; Krystle Burden, 5-20-81, Rogersville, open container; Paul Burgess, 1-31-69, Rogersville, DWR; Stanley Burkhart, 1-21-40, five Webster warrants, DWR, resisting arrest; Lori Burleson, 10-17-75, Webster, P & P violation, controlled substance; Sherry Burnett, 10-3-65, three Rogersville warrants, controlled substance, stealing paraphernalia; Western Burton, 1-24-82, Marshfield, FTA, stealing; Western Burton, 1-24-82, Webster, FTA, no license; John Burwell, 10-23-67, Webster, FTA, no license; Jaroslaw Bury, 12-1-70, Webster, traffic; Shawn Buss, 9-26-77, two Webster warrants, no license, bad check; Charles Butler, 10-19-58, Seymour, speeding; Michael Butters, 5-19-65, Seymour, speeding; Gary Butts, 6-11-70, Webster, FTA, no license; Chester Byrd, 3-5-54, Marshfield, failed to pay cost; Peggy Byrnes, 6-14-75, Webster, P & P violation, bad check; Douglas Cadle, 8-18-69, Webster, failed to pay court cost; Jason Cain, 10-26-82, Webster, FTA, child unrestrained; Caren Caldwell, 6-27-69, Webster, traffic; Joseph Campbell, 8-5-80, Fordland, defective equipment; Jamie Canter, 8-9-61, Marshfield, DWI; Brian Cantrell, 5-11-79, Marshfield, FTA; Brian Cantrell, 5-11-79, Webster, FTA, peace disturbance; Jeffrey Cantrell, 1-26-63, Webster, P & P, possession of controlled substance; Jerrett Cantrell, 12-28-80, Webster, FTA, traffic; Charles Carabajal, 10-31-68, Rogersville, assault; Arlyn Carder, 12-19-77, Rogersville, failed to register; Bridget Caron, 12-30-82, Webster, traffic; Derek Caron, 1-13-73, Fordland, FTA, no license; William Carpenter, 4-16-65, Webster, possession of controlled substance; Anton Carroll, 12-14-60, Webster, speeding; Regena Carroll, 7-16-62, Webster, DWS; Steven Carter, 4-10-63, Seymour, speeding; Ty Carter, 6-8-74, Webster, speeding; Christine Case, 7-2-60, Webster, failed to return property; Brad Casiano, 9-29-81, Rogersville, open title; Teresa Caswell, 8-28-68, two Rogersville warrants, FTA, no insurance; Placido Catalan, 8-11-68, Webster, bad check; Michael Cate, 3-4-81, two Rogersville warrants, traffic; Joshua Carter, 6-30-81, Webster, FTA; Robert Catron, 11-11-72, Webster, P & P violation; Jessica Caudle, 10-16-86, Webster, FTA, bad check; Jessica Caudle, 10-16-86, Rogersville, speeding; Maggie Caudill, 6-6-73, Webster, bad check; Victor Cauthen, 2-5-86, Webster, FTA, no insurance; Joyce Chaffin, 10-13-72, Webster, FTA; William Champlin, 9-2-66, Webster, FTA, DWS; Patrick Chancellor, 9-4-75, Webster, no license; Brandon Chandler, 7-22-77, Webster, FTA, DWI; Tracey Chapman, 5-21-80, Rogersville, dog at large; Timothy Chappelle, 7-11-53, Seymour, FTA, disorderly conduct; Kristen Charlton, 6-18-81, three Webster warrants, traffic; Kerwin Chastain, 12-11-63, Rogersville, DWS; Kerwin Chastain, 12-11-63, Webster, DWI; Thomas Cheek, 3-29-82, two Marshfield warrants, FTA, DWI; Wendy Cheever, 3-16-64, Webster, FTA, bad check; San Cheng, 12-11-67, Fordland, FTA, speeding; Laura Chestnut, 2-20-83, Rogersville, speeding; James Chumley, 8-13-79, Marshfield, peace disturbance; Janie Christian, 3-18-86, Webster, hindering prosecution; Chad Clark, 9-15-75, two Rogersville warrants, DWI, and careless and imprudent driving; Terra Cox, 12-23-75, Rogersville, possession of controlled substance and paraphernalia; William Cox, 1-22-75, Webster, bad check; Jeffrey Cramer, 7-15-76, Marshfield, open container; Donna Cranford, 7-14-64, Webster, failed return rental; Rick Crawford, 7-14-64, Webster, sewage disposal; Billy Creech, 4-7-70, Marshfield, FTA; Joselyn Creed, 3-22-81, two Seymour warrants, FTA; Randal Crisman, 11-11-50, Marshfield, traffic; Charles Crossland, 7-31-85, Webster, burglary; Cheryl Crowson, 11-22-64, Seymour, FTA, dog at large; David Culbert, Webster, speed; Sabrina Cullen, 4-25-68, Webster, traffic; David Cummings, 8-2-76, Webster, speed; Douglas Cummings, 2-5-54, Webster, traffic; Steven Cummings, 4-28-86, Webster, property damage; Steven Cummings, 4-28-86, two Rogersville warrants, minor in possession; Matthew Cunningham, 12-3-80, Webster, traffic; Ted Cusick, 7-22-57, Webster, speed.

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